FORT Solutions Group (FSG) serves client organizations ranging from early-stage startups to large multi-nationals.  Our mission is to achieve rapid, dramatic and lasting business improvement through the use of our structured approach to business evaluation, problem solving, training and measurement.  Our areas of focus include:

  • Rapid Profit Improvement - FSG is often engaged on rapid profit improvement assignments designed to rapidly and measureably reduce cost and increase revenue. These engagements involve interviews with key stakeholders, idea generation workshops, opportunity sizing, prioritization of initiatives and development of a detailed resource plan and schedule that results in a tangible path forward to achieve meaningful results quickly. FSG typically stays on to work alongside client team members to implement improvement initiatives, coach and train where necessary and measure results.

  • Market Research & Industry Analysis - FSG has worked with a variety of clients to evaluate new market opportunities, whether prior to a new product launch or to evaluate a potential acquisition. We typically conduct both primary (interviews) and secondary (research) analysis in order to obtain a complete picture of a market and industry, including growth rates, major challenges, key competitors and substitutes, key trends affecting the market, and customer and supplier concentration.

  • Post-Merger Integration - FSG has helped facilitate integrations of acquisitions ranging from a few million to several billion dollars in size, often establishing a PMO to manage work streams focused on areas such as HR, finance, IT, sales, marketing, operations, procurement and R&D.

  • Wellness Program Audit - FSG can help you evaluate your existing wellness program using a data-driven approach as well as to help with selecting a ‘best-of-breed’ solution if choosing to implement a new program or switch to a new provider. FSG relies on scientifically-sound and peer-reviewed research to help companies determine what they should be doing and what they should not be doing (including what they immediately should stop doing that may be harming employees AND increasing costs). FSG believes firmly in establishing wellness for employees, not wellness to employees. Many wellness and healthcare vendors make claims that simply can’t be proven or substantiated. FSG's Principal, John Lowery, has conducted research on the return on investment of workplace wellness programs at Harvard University. FSG is also happy to endorse the Employee Health and Wellness Program Code of Conduct. Find out more at

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